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Kathy is a painter devoted to creating works which emotionally resonate 

with the viewer.   Kathy follows her instincts & makes a connection in an attempt to

replicate  memories.... memories which she believes are deeply rooted in the collective 

conscience of an era that many of us share. 


Kathy was thrilled to be given the opportunity to paint a cityscape of the Meridian Centre 

for Mayor Brian McMullan's retirement.   Predominantly a figurative artist,  she enjoyed the

challenge of painting this particular subject matter.  The image of this painting is now featured 

on wine bottles given to all artists and guests who perform or visit our Meridian Centre.


Over the last few years, Kathy has become a prolific artist... honing her talent &

developing her art by engaging & participating in many local events.  She is grateful to have

had the support of many to create her art.


Kathy McBride is a St. Catharines native who has returned home after discovering a deep

connection to her past surroundings. She is currently a partner at the Jordan Art Gallery & lives

downtown with her husband & 2 sons.


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